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Booking Questions


How fast do you get booked up? How fast do you get booked up? 

Typically our brides will book with our services up to a year in advance. This means that a deposit and contract is filled out to reserve the wedding date. This is ideal to secure your wedding date with our team. We recommend that you contact our staff when you are ready to book to ensure availability.


How far in advance should I book a trial session? 

Trial sessions are recommended a month or two before your date. This allows you time to look for hair and makeup inspirations that cater to your tastes. Often times when booking a session too soon, your preferences in hair style and makeup looks may change while you are getting deeper into the planning process.

Thus, it is highly advisable to schedule a trial session a month or two before the actual date to have the best results but can be done once ready. Please email staff for availability

as soon your ready for your special event.                                 

How can I prepare for my trial session/engagement session? 

For both trial sessions and engagement sessions please come with your hair washed the night before. Do not come with your hair damp/wet. Face should be completely clean with no moisturizer or makeup.No waxing or threading a week prior.

 Bring in any hair accessory that you would like to have for your wedding. Don’t have accessories? No problem, we have some sample ones to try on. 

It is ideal if you can wear a top that is similar to that of your wedding dress. If you have a strap less dress then come in a tube top or button up shirt. This will help you better understand your look and envision everything together.

Please be sure to bring in inspiration photos for your hair and makeup. Consider hair color and also make sure your photos are consistent. If you have a difficult time bring in your favorite styles and we will narrow the looks down during your consultation. Your session should be fun, informative, and most importantly relaxing so let True Beauty Makeup Artistry help you with suggestions and feedback.

How long does the makeup and hair style last? 

When receiving feedback from our brides after the trial sessions and wedding date we always receive positive raves. The makeup and hair is made to last up to 12-15 hours. To ensure quality and long lasting power we always request that our brides email us back with feedback after trial sessions the following day. This enables us to gain more insight on improving the overall look for the actual wedding date or your special event. 

Our makeup is waterproof and we take the necessary precautions help your weather through anything! 

Do you provide false lashes? 

Yes, we offer them at small cost of $20.00 includes application. True Beauty Makeup Artistry uses only the best lashes. Our lashes are hand made human hair and sew onto a thread.They provide a full, yet very natural look.

Remember you want to look beautiful, but you want to make it look effortless.

Do you travel to the location? 

YES! With so many things already on your mind, the last thing we want you to worry about is going to us. True Beauty Makeup Artistry provides travels to your location the first 15 miles are "free" anything ober that is $1.75 a mile.

Let us worry about parking and traffic for you!


How do I book your company?

Please go into our "Contact Us" tab and click on contract provided please print and follow the instructions given upon contract.