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About Us

Tru3 Beauty Makeup Artistry was established with the goal to provide the gift of beauty without changing a person. Instead, we use our artistic talents to simply enhance our client's natural beauty and encourage our clients that True Beauty is within each of individual.


We understand that each person has their own set of individual characteristics and preferences. No one person is the same. For this reason we recognize the need for diversity and uniqueness. Our team consists of highly skilled girls from all backgrounds and cultures. To us, we are not just a team, but a family that share similar interests while absorbing new experiences and knowledge in hopes of becoming well rounded and personable women. A flawless face and photo finish are a MUST when it's you in front of the camera. Don't trust your make-up to the cosmetics counter at the mall. You deserve a highly trained, highly experienced professional bringing out the beauty in you.

 Tru3 Beauty Makeup Artistry is a Houston based beauty team delivering world-class beauty services directly to your door - home,office,studio or hotel suite.


With personalized, one-on-one consultations, We offer our clients a celebrity-experience, helping them get the very best in beauty.

We're some of the best professionals in the industry. Expertly trained to ensure, excellent results and a positive experience with every session.

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